Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Old Man and the Sea essays

Old Man and the Sea essays The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is more than a simple short story about a man who catches a fish. Initially, the story doesnt seem that remarkable, but as one reads between the lines there is a deeper meaning that at first is unseen but with further scrutiny can be visualized through the symbolism that is apparent throughout the book. The main theme of this book is therefore much broader than first appears. The question of whether the main character Santiago, won or lost his battle sets the scene for the greater lessons of this novel, which relate to many of lifes lessons. Santiagos struggles are mirror images of lifes daily battles of winning and losing in order to get ahead, which can be evaluated through the metaphors of this story. One of lifes battles that are represented in this story is the battle of over coming failure. When the old man set sail for eighty-four consecutive days and never caught as much as a small fish; but perseveres and wins relates to everyday predicaments all mankind must face as well as overcome in order to be successful. Instead of giving up like any other fisherman would have he just told himself maybe tomorrow, Ill catch something tomorrow, his hope and confidence had never gone. People must continue to have faith and confidence in order to be successful. This compares to most peoples response in instances that occur in life situations. People must turn their heads from the unpleasant and strive to find success that they know can be achieved if they keep trying. Another experience that occurred for the character was his long and grueling chase of his massive prey, the marlin. This experience is similar and can be related to the daily challenges in life that seems to be impossible, the kind you just want to give up on and forget about. The characters pride in not wanting to quit shows he is more than an old man with bad hands who...

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