Friday, February 14, 2020

Reflection and Evaluation of three Technologies Essay

Reflection and Evaluation of three Technologies - Essay Example Additionally, retrieval of content from the internet relies on flash player programs such as adobe. The technology was initially applicable through Smart sketch application because the designers focused on addressing the needs of varied platforms. The flash content files were stored in shock wave format. This allowed the programmers to use Action script language in encoding the graphics in different formats. Additionally, the programmers use flash editor to enrich web content when designing the application. The content can be encoded using java script format, and the extension .swf is used in storage format. Short wave extension makes images appear smaller in the flash player. The format increases flash images capacity to store huge volumes of data (Enticknap, 2005, p.1). The storage codes allow flash images to support different applications making it the preferred technology when disseminating and storing website contents. Evaluation The use of flash technology has led to advances i n computer graphics. It has enabled website developers to design interactive websites that stream data at faster speed. The component manipulates graphics and presents them in different version. The use of XML file is dominant in image edition. According to Enticknap (2005, p.34), the template stores the contents of the website before the transformation of the image. The technology manipulates the contents when designing images that are user friendly to the audience. Flash is a suitable technology that can access images online. Software developers use the technology when designing slideshows that enhance interactions with clients online. Computer programmers use flash image technology to encode information in auto script version. This saves storage capacity and time taken to retrieve flash images. Additionally, the technology uses small bandwidth when streaming information. This makes it compatible with various technological components such as Macromedia Flash MX that carries this a pplication. The compatibility of flash image technology allows web views to obtain information from different places. However, it is necessary to obtain a plug in feature when planning to view the web contents. Flash images application demand less from the users in terms of operational skills. Moreover, the applications are affordable and exude high performances. This has lead to the preference of technology in computer applications. Flash images are instrumental when enriching internet application. The technology enhances interactivity by combining graphics technology when coming up with interactive computer programs. Lastly, the feature supports multidirectional display of website content. HTML5 Technology Overview HTML5 is an assortment of web-based applications that are still evolving. The concept of HTML5 began after developers noticed various deficiencies in HTML4 and associated XHTML. These deficiencies ranged from minor syntactic incoherence to insufficient support of media presentations (Meyer, 2010, p.83). Consequently, recent developments within the HTML5 technology have targeted such defects to develop quickest advances that would improve the performance of internet technology. Developers are standardizing the HTML5 technology into simpler and less controversial pieces. The HTML5 is a technology that organizes and presents information of the World Wide Web.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Define Spirituality using the Peer-Reviewed Article An Emerging Essay

Define Spirituality using the Peer-Reviewed Article An Emerging Paradigm for the Investigation of Spirituality in Nursing by Pamela G. Reed - Essay Example In this feeling of connectedness, she was able to transcend the mundane dimensions of her ordinary life and transcend into a higher dimension, thereby elevating herself as an individual. Spirituality has been defined by some experts as engaging in four patterns of connectedness, intrapersonally - within oneself, or interpersonally - with others or interaction with the environment and lastly, transpersonally, or by relating with an unseen power – God (Brewer 1979). In her response to Brewer’s views, the woman was able to confirm that she had also come to the clinic seeking such a network of connectedness. She was able to interactbetter within herself, with the nurses at the clinic, with the environment of the care facility and also connect with God by praying with the nurses. The result of this feeling of connectedness the woman felt to other people and to God was that she felt healthier and experienced a feeling of well being and peace. The feeling of connectedness made her feel less alone, and therefore and whole. This is also the view expressed by Hungleman, who directly related the state of a person’s human spirit to their state of health (Hungleman et al 1985). Therefore, one aspect of spirituality as revealed in the woman’s view and corroborated by Hungleman’s views is the interconnection between spirituality and health and how one impacts positively upon the other. Newman (1989) has emphasized the importance of nurses praying with the patients (Shelley and Fish 1988) and allowing them to express their spirituality as a means to promote their health and well being, reiterating the views of Hungleman that there is a positive relation between the human spirit and a person’s health.. This woman, when questioned on this aspect, also responded that she felt soothed and happy by praying with the nurses, because she was able to ascend into a higher dimension through the feeling